When it comes to mattress protectors, we usually focus on protecting our beds at home. while that’s important for keeping a healthy sleeping environment, most people take good care of their mattresses and don’t need to replace the protectors very often. but in places like nursing homes, hospitals, and healthcare facilities where regular important for making maintenance easier and keeping things hygienic.that’s why they are so valued in these industries.

We gevinyl is a very faithful supplier for vinyl mattress protector in China, we always use the highest standard to make every vinyl mattress protector perfect, we value every buyer and hope they can reorder from us all the time.

For the regular vinyl mattress protector, we do two types, one is zippered vinyl mattress protector, another one is fitted mattress protector, also called elastic mattress protector, which has elastic at the 4 corners of the covers.

fitted mattress protector

Regarding the sizes, we do the customized sizes to fit every customer’s needs, twin, full, queen, king, etc, some special sizes, like hospital or nursing home sizes, we are no problem at all too.

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