Gevinyl is a leading manufacturer for many waterproof protection products, pvc vinyl diaper cover, pvc mattress protector, pvc pillow protector, and pvc bibs. with the rigid standard testing for material and sewing, we get more and more positive feedback for our incontinence products from the terminal consumers, our aim is to solve the substantial difficulty for each incontinent person.

When it comes to waterproof diaper pants or covers, our primary concern is their leakproof functionality. Gevinyl PVC material used is extremely soft and we have sewn compact elastic on the waist and legs to prevent any liquid leaks from occurring.

Gevinyl waterproof PVC plastic diaper pants are noiseless. The PVC material we use is eco-friendly and non-toxic, making it suitable for both babies and adults. These pants can be used for baby swimming training or adult healthcare purposes. They come in white, solid multicolors, or custom printed designs and colors on the PVC fabric. We strive to provide the best quality products.

waterproof diaper pants or cover